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Maarten Buijsman

Dr. Maarten Buijsman

Associate Professor


Maarten Buijsman is an Associate Professor Physical Oceanography at the Division of Marine Science at Stennis Space Center. He has an MS in Civil Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and a PhD in Physical Oceanography from Utrecht University. His research interests are the propagation and dissipation of surface tides and internal waves, estuarine circulation and sediment transport, numerical model simulations and observations.

His group comprises: graduate students Harpreet Kaur (PhD), Oladeji Siyanbola (PhD), Mujeeb Abdulfatai (PhD), and postdoc Dheeraj Varma.

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  • PHD - Utrecht University (2007)
  • MS - Delft university (1997)

MAR461 Physical Oceanography
MAR561+L Physical Oceanography
MAR660+L Physical Oceanography
MAR367 Waves and Tides
MAR667 Waves and Tides

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Areas of Expertise

Oceanography. Ocean modelling. Tides. Internal waves. Ocean mixing. Coastal and estuarine sediment transport