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Sungsoo Kim

Dr. Sungsoo Kim

Associate Professor

  • PHD - University of Florida (2008)
  • MS - Pennsylvania State University (2003)

Dr. Kim has taught various courses at the University of Florida, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Youngstown State University, including the department core courses; “Hospitality Managerial Accounting,” “the Financial Aspect of Hospitality Operations,” “Revenue Management,” “Hospitality Operations Management (Capstone Course)” with the oral-intensive designation, “e-Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Industry,” “Strategic Tourism Management,” “Hospitality Marketing and Sales,” “Service Management,” “Hotel and Conventional Sales,” “Research Method,” “Directed Individual Study,” “Professional Paper (Graduate Course),” the MBA course; “Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism,” “Introduction to Tourism Economics (Professional Program), and “Strategic Tourism Marketing (Graduate Course)”.

  • Certification in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Analytics (CHATA)
  • Certification of Quality Matters (QM)
  • Effective College Instruction
  • Certification of Revenue Management Executive (CRME)
  • Certification of Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM)
  • Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA)
  • Certification of the MS Excel

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Areas of Expertise

Strategic Management; Revenue Management, including Pricing Strategy; Feasibility Study; Economic Analysis