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Iliyan Iliev

Dr. Iliyan Iliev

Assistant Professor


I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern Mississippi, where I was awarded the 2020-2022 University Faculty Fellowship and the 2020-2021 Junior Faculty Award. My published work appears in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Political Science Quarterly, The Social Science Journal, IEEE Access, Significance, Environmetrics, and elsewhere. My research focuses on the various expressions of political behavior and the development of novel research methods to study such behavior. Please visit my web page:, and see my CV here.

  • PHD - University of Texas at Dallas (2014)
  • MA - University of Texas at Dallas (2011)

HON 111/112: Honors Colloquium
PS 101: American Government
PS 404/504: Legislative Process/U.S. Congress
PS 301: State and Local Politics
PS 471: Politics and Business
PS 484/584: Administrative Law
PS 491: Proseminar/Capstone
SSGS 400/PS 211/611: Political Research/Research Methods
SSGS 401/PS 212/612: Political Analysis
IDV 719: Research Design (PhD)
IDV 721: Statistics I (PhD)
ECO 450: Introduction to Econometrics

  • Conceptualizing Black Political Disillusionment: Stories from New Orleans, National Review of Black Politics, 2021, 10.1525/nrbp.2021.2.2.107
  • Speaking out or speaking in? Changes in political rhetoric over time, Significance, 2020, 10.1111/1740-9713.01445
  • A Multi-Stage Machine Learning Approach to Predict Dengue Incidence: A Case Study in Mexico, IEEE Access, 2020, 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2980634
  • Money and Rhetoric: Energy Sector Dynamics in U.S. Senate Committee, The Social Science Journal, 2019, 10.1016/j.soscij. 2019.05.005
  • Striking a Blow For Unity?: Race and Economics in the 2010 New Orleans Mayoral Election, Political Science Quarterly, 2019, 10.1002/polq.12992
  • Political Rhetoric through the Lens of Non-parametric Statistics: Are Our Legislators That Different?, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 2018, 10.1111/rssa.12421
  • Riding Down the Bay: Space-Time Clustering of Ecological Trends, Environmetrics, 2017, 10.1002/env.2455
  • Space-Time Clustering with Stability Probe while Riding Downhill, SIGKDD Mining and Learning from Time Series, 2016
  • Big Groups, Big Money: Interest Groups in Texas, Texas: Yesterday and Today, Texas Politics and Public Policy, 2018
  • At the Ballot Box: Voting and Elections in Texas, Texas: Yesterday and Today, Texas Politics and Public Policy, 2018
  • Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees V2.3
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – "Responsible Employee" Edition
  • English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Bulgarian (Native or Bilingual)
  • German (Limited Working)
  • French (Limited Working)
  • Russian (Limited Working)

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Areas of Expertise

Legislative Behavior; Lobbying; Social Media; Terrorism; Voting; Electoral Participation; Research Methodology (Bayesian Time Series; Natural Language Processing; Non-Parametric Dynamic Clustering; Machine learning)