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Kelly Darnell

Dr. Kelly Darnell

Assistant Research Professor


Dr. Darnell is a coastal and benthic ecologist who research focuses on seagrass ecosystems. Her specific research interests include seagrass-animal interactions, seagrass reproductive biology and ecology, and physiological and ecological responses to stressors. Dr. Darnell uses a combination of laboratory and field experiments and surveys to address hypothesis-driven questions with relevance to coastal management, conservation and restoration in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

  • PHD - University of Texas at Austin (2014)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – "Responsible Employee" Edition
  • English (Native or Bilingual)

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Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Caylor 216




Areas of Expertise

Benthic and coastal ecology; seagrass biology and ecology; seagrass reproductive ecology