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Salar Kamari

Dr. Salar Kamari

Assistant Professor


Dr. Kamari is an Assistant Professor in the School of Construction and Design at USM. He received his M.Sc. from Istanbul Technical University in Civil Structural Engineering and obtained his Ph.D. in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. Dr. Kamari performs cutting-edge multidisciplinary research on rapid and automated perception techniques, including digital twinning and point cloud segmentation using large-scale visual data.

His areas of focus include:
Resilient infrastructure system analysis through big visual data
Reality capturing and point cloud processing
Scanning-to-BIM driven rapid semantic scene understanding Robust imaging-to-simulation driven risk assessment models

Dr. Kamari has published numerous articles in top-ranked journals and has presented his research at prestigious conferences in the area of Construction Engineering and Management.

  • PHD - Texas A & M University-College Station (2022)

AEC 450 Building Information Modeling
AEC 254 Estimating 1
COSC 461, Building Information Modeling Systems (TA at Texas A&M)

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Areas of Expertise

BIM, Smart Construction, Disaster Management, Digital Twin, Point Cloud Processing