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Md Mamunur Rashid

Dr. Md Mamunur Rashid

Assistant Professor


Dr. Md Mamunur Rashid is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Coastal Sciences of the School of Ocean Science and Engineering at the University of Southern Mississippi. He achieved a Ph.D. in Water Engineering from the University of South Australia in 2016 and an MSc in Environmental Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr. Rashid's research is focused on quantifying coastal hazards and changes in hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g., flood, extreme rainfall, extreme sea levels, drought, heat wave, and high wind), assessing how large-scale climate variability modulates these changes and modeling corresponding impacts on infrastructure and socio-environmental systems under different climate change scenarios leading to sustainable design and improved operation of critical infrastructure systems. To learn more please visit the website:

  • PHD - University of South Australia (2016)

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Areas of Expertise

Coastal Hazards and Hydrometeorological Extremes