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Nikki Camlin

Nikki Camlin

Assistant Professor


My research investigates how phosphatases regulate cell signaling pathways, with a specific interest in M-Phase of meiosis and mitosis. Protein phosphorylation impacts all cellular processes and pathways. M-Phase entry and exit are characterized via massive changes in protein phosphorylation, with precise regulation essential for accurate meiosis and mitosis. Importantly, errors in M-Phase can lead to trisomy, infertility, and miscarriage (meiosis) and cancer (mitosis). My research focuses on how phosphatases regulate M-Phase, and therefore, begin to understand the foundational biology of important cellular processes for health and disease.

Lab website:

  • PHD - The University of New Castle (2017)
  • BS - The University of New Castle (2012)
  • Oscillations in PP1 activity are essential for accurate progression through mammalian oocyte meiosis., Cell cycle, 2023, 10.1080/15384101.2023.2225924
  • Auxin-inducible protein degradation as a novel approach for protein depletion and reverse genetic discoveries in mammalian oocytes., Biology of reproduction, 2019, 10.1093/biolre/ioz113

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Areas of Expertise

Molecular Biology, Reproduction, Oocyte Meiosis, Phosphatases (PP1)