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Criminal Justice - Master's

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Get Your Master's in Criminal Justice

Priority Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester Admissions: Apply by April 15
Spring Semester Admissions: Apply by November 15

The master's program in criminal justice provides an advanced course of study designed to prepare students for career advancement, admission to Ph.D. programs or law school. Students complete interesting and interactive courses in seminar format in the areas of theory, research methods, civil liberties, criminal justice policy, juvenile law, policing and other topics.

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Why Graduate School?

The master's degree is designed to develop analytical, communication and research skills while mastering advanced content in the field of criminal justice.

Faculty Interaction and Mentoring

Graduate students are engaged in advanced coursework and research with university faculty. Graduate students assist faculty with research and are strongly encouraged to develop an independent focus while in the program. Integration of faculty and student research interests allows for meaningful experiences which significantly develop research and applied evaluation skills among our students. Our graduate students are encouraged to present their research at professional conferences and work to publish their research in reputable outlets.


Degree Plan Availability
Criminal Justice MSOnline 100%
Criminal Justice Graduate CertificateOnline 100%
  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Analyst
  • Federal Agent
  • United States Probation Officer
  • Program Analyst
  • University Instructor
  • E. Laine Southward (2009)
    Analyst, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Elizabeth C. Dretsch (2003)
    Research Analyst Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Daniel Butler (2011)
    Ph.D. Candidate-University of Nebraska at Omaha