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Physics - Master's and Doctorate

Availability: Hattiesburg and Online Options

Physics: The Study of Everything

The Physics graduate program includes core courses in Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics. The Master’s program involves research culminating in a presentation or thesis. The Ph.D. program in Computational Science with a Physics emphasis involves a research dissertation.

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22 degrees: MS, Computational Science PhD
10Up to 10 teaching assistantships
100%employment rate for graduates


  • Mechanics: The study of forces, particles and their interactions.
  • Electrodynamics: The study of electromagnetic fields.
  • Quantum mechanics: The study of the amazing world at the nanoscale and beyond.
  • Statistical mechanics: The large-scale behavior that results from random molecular motions.
  • Numerical simulations of physical systems: This approach complements and, in some cases, even replaces experimental approaches.

Active research areas include amorphous systems, polymers, wave propagation in random media (including ocean acoustics), computational simulation, nuclear theory, experimental molecular and optical physics, radiation detection and education.

Faculty Highlight: Dr. Partha Biswas

Dr. Biswas is interested in the theory of disordered systems and in modeling complex materials. His research incorporates a broad range of topics from electronic structure of amorphous materials, and Anderson localization in quasiperiodic and disordered systems to multi-objective optimization problems in mathematical physics. In particular, he is using information-theoretic approaches to complex material design. He has developed inverse and hybrid methods that can be applied to designing complex semiconducting and metallic glasses.


Degree Plan Availability
Computational Science (Physics) PhDHattiesburg
Physics (Computational Science) MSHattiesburg
Physics MSHattiesburg, Online 100%
  • Research (academic, government and industry)
  • Engineering
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Education
  • Andrew Giovengo, M.S., Spring 2018,
    Intern, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Melanie Cochran, M.S. 2014, 
    Instructor, University of South Alabama
  • Charles Werneth, Ph.D. 2010,
    Research Physicist, NASA Langley
  • Mallika Dhar, Ph.D. 2010, 
    Lecturer, East Tennessee State University