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Institutional Research

Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research collects, archives, and maintains institutional data for the purpose of analyzing, distributing and presenting summary information. There are three ways campus community members can acquire data to assist in accreditation, grant writing, etc.  Any faculty and staff member has access to some institutional data through our internal portal, which you will use your SOAR credentials to access.  There is additional data that may be accessed through HelioCampus, which is the university's new data analytic platform.  Finally, any data that is not available through the internal portal or HelioCampus, can be requested through our additional data request form.


Faculty and staff can access data by using their SOAR credentials.  Below you will find a list of available data on the internal portal.

Faculty and Staff Data Access

Certain faculty and staff can access data through HelioCampus by using their SOAR credentials.  

HelioCampus Login

Data Requests 

If there is data that you need that cannot be found through the internal portal or HelioCampus, you can submit a data request form.  

 Examples of data within internal portal

(*Please note there are several filters present throughout the dashboards that allow to view data via college, school, gender, ethnicity, etc.) 

  • Enrollment census comparison
  • Admissions funnels
  • Degrees awarded
  • Retention rates (Freshmen and All Students)
  • Graduation rates
  • Course completion rates
  • Course work report
  • Course major/non-major student credit hour report
  • Undergraduate exit survey results
  • Graduate exit survey results
  • Withdrawing student surveys

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