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USM’s College of Business and Economic Development Brings Marketing to Online Students

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 02:50pm | By: Josh Stricklin

Marketing BSBAThe University of Southern Mississippi (USM) is adding the Marketing BSBA to its expanding catalog of online programs. With the addition of the marketing degree, online students will have the chance to explore new facets of the business sector. 

“The marketing umbrella is diverse, and students have a variety of career choices upon graduation,” says Dr. Melinda McLelland, Marketing Program Coordinator of the School of Marketing. “Our program exposes students to these options while providing a solid foundation to create a well-rounded and versatile candidate for the job market.”

The program focuses on applied learning, so students are introduced to many ways to gain authentic, hands-on experience and build their marketing knowledge. The curriculum involves a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Working with a client
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Completing an internship
  • Studying abroad
  • Creating marketing materials 
  • Leading a student group
  • Earning a star in our Tri-Star program

The degree in marketing at USM prepares students for a wide range of careers spanning sales, marketing research, and social media content/strategy. For example, students can pursue marketing management careers in branding, communications, logistics, and other high-demand areas. Dr. Jamye Foster, Director of the School of Marketing notes, “Regardless of the area in which our students go, they should all have some tangible experience to add to their resume and/or materials to add to their portfolios upon graduation.”

“The Marketing BSBA is another way for business-minded students to get into their ideal careers,” says Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Dean of Online Learning and Enrollment. “Our online programs are equally as challenging and effective as face-to-face programs, so students will experience an added bonus of utilizing the online platform they will likely see in their future careers.”

“The marketing faculty desire to connect with the students and provide a positive learning experience for all students,” Dr. McLelland says. “Our goal is to educate students and provide them the opportunities to build their resume to find the job that will match their life goals. This program will be best for students who truly want to be challenged to learn as much as possible and develop the skills to be successful in the marketplace. Dedication to learning is key for students to be successful in this online program.”

The online Marketing BSBA degree is designed to help students achieve everything they can in their careers. This program admits students during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and with the online delivery, students can finish school with the business world at their fingertips. Students looking to grow their marketing knowledge and skills should visit the online Marketing BSBA site.