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USM Alumna is Building Bridges Between Volunteers and Non-profits

Wed, 03/29/2023 - 02:41pm | By: Ashley Lankford

Clarissa Ewell“Create, Inspire, and Inform” is the call to action that the School of Media and Communication gives to its students upon their arrival to The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). 

Students champion this call in a variety of ways during their tenure at the University and continue to do so as they graduate into the workforce. One student has used her education to begin to build bridges between volunteers in Hattiesburg and various non-profits in the area. 

Clarissa Ewell, a native of Baytown, Texas and a 2022 graduate from the School of Media and Communication at USM, is currently serving as the Director of United Way of Southeast Mississippi's volunteer center, Volunteer Southeast Mississippi. Ewell has served in this unique role since May 23, 2022, which was just one week after her graduation. 

In this position, Ewell is responsible for building the Regional Volunteer Hub infrastructure and successfully directing its activities for the purpose of strengthening nonprofits, increasing citizen involvement through volunteering, and helping prepare the community for disaster response. 

She credits her career and success in it to her time as a student at USM, specifically the Student Media Center within the School of Media and Communication. 

United Way

“Professionally, the Student Media Center prepared me to work with people of diverse personalities, cultures, and communication styles. I also strengthen my time management habits,” Ewell stated. “As the producer [of one of the many radio shows broadcast by the School], it was my responsibility to connect people to people and people to resources. This transferred over well with the role I hold professionally.”

Through her experience as a producer for the Student Media Center, Ewell was introduced to her current employer and was able to develop skills that she uses today. 

“USM equipped me with the know-how to create, correct, and cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships,” Ewell shared. “In Organizational Communication, I was equipped with how to recognize the personality and communication styles of others. It has helped me transition well into being a working adult. It also helps me to resolve conflict in my personal life and act as a mediator for others.” 

USM’s School of Media and Communication is proud of its graduates, especially Clarissa Ewell, and looks forward to seeing her make an impact throughout the community as she inspires others to serve.

Learn more about the School of Media and Communication on their website.