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Express Enrollment Offers Convenience to College Registration

Mon, 05/01/2023 - 09:21am | By: Gabriela Shinskie

Why should students wait months to see if they have been accepted into the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) when they can apply for their first semester, be accepted, and schedule classes immediately? Prospective students at USM can now start their college career off right and with less stress. 

“Express Enrollment will provide students an opportunity to complete the admissions process at one time, from applying to being admitted to registering for courses,” said Michelle Konscak, Executive Director of Office of Admissions. 

A registration program known as Express Enrollment is giving a “one-stop shop” feel on Wednesday, June 7 from 3-7 p.m. at the Gulf Park Campus Gulf Coast Library in Long Beach. 

Dr. Jacob Breland, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Coastal Operations, said the University is striving to optimize the experience for students by offering the Express Enrollment Event later in the day so it fits most work schedules. 

“The goal of the Express Enrollment Event is to support students transition for interest in the University to a decision on admittance, completion and approval of required documentation (e.g., transcripts, immunization records, etc.), and being advised on what classes to take,” said Breland. “The goal is for students to leave the event with a schedule in their hands.” 

The concept was started to reduce the amount of time students experienced through the application process and enrollment. In turn, this would increase enrollment and decrease the probability of losing future students. 

The day will start off with a simple check-in process at the library where prospective students will be handed a registration packet. Then, students will submit their application to a staff member who will verify their acceptance into USM. Students will be given an official “receipt” of acceptance then move to advisement and registration. 

Tables will be designated to financial aid, scholarships and military and veteran services. Accepted students will also be given orientation details. 

USM is also offering waiving the application fee as the student is completing the enrollment process on campus. 

The goal of Express Enrollment is to provide an enjoyable, convenient, enrollment experience for future students.  

Breland said the focus of the event is Gulf Park, but the University welcomes all potential USM students. 

To register, please visit the Express Enrollment Registration page.