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USM Accounting Students Earn Stay in the ‘Sip Fellowships

Tue, 04/04/2023 - 08:34am | By: Van Arnold

Commitments by University of Southern Mississippi accounting students Amber Tran and Tyler Howard to start their professional careers in the Magnolia State has earned the duo Stay in the ‘Sip Accountancy Fellowships provided by the Mississippi Office of State Auditor.

This marks the first time USM students have been selected for the fellowships which debuted last year with the inaugural class of 11.

Before applying for the fellowship, undergraduate students must have completed at least 58 college credit hours toward a degree in accounting. To participate as a graduate student, applicants must have been accepted into a Master of Accountancy program at a Mississippi college or university. 

All students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to apply and participate in the fellowship program. Participants must also commit to working at the State Auditor’s office for at least two years after graduation.

“Our Stay in the Sip Fellowship is keeping talented young auditors here in Mississippi. We’re grateful for the participation of USM and these brilliant Golden Eagles in the program. Working together, we’re putting a stop to brain drain from Mississippi,” said State Auditor Shad White.

The fellowships will begin this summer for Howard, a junior from Atwater/Elk Grove, Calif., and Tran, a senior from Gulfport, Miss. Through the fellowship, students will receive full tuition, including books and fees, get paid for the internship, and are guaranteed employment upon graduation.

"I think the Stay in the ‘Sip Fellowship program is an incredible opportunity that enables students to pursue a higher education in accounting without financial burden while also helping them gain invaluable work experience,” said Tran. “I love how this program encourages students to stay in Mississippi, and it really showcases how our state is working hard in creating opportunities for all future graduates. There are very few accounting internships that are in the governmental accounting and auditing industry, which is why I'm thrilled to have been accepted into such a unique program." 

Added Howard: “I greatly appreciate the opportunity that the Mississippi State Auditor's Office has given to aspiring accountants. This fellowship can ease the burdens of those that still need the required education to graduate but suffer financially. This program will both cover their financial obligation while also providing an opportunity to gain valuable experience and a head start in the auditing career field. Having the program solely focus within the Mississippi border also benefits those that wouldn't be able to easily move and allows for a greater understanding of how auditing works at the state level, which is fascinating." 

To see more comments, watch Tran and Howard's YouTube video on Stay in the 'Sip.

To learn more about the fellowship, visit their website.