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USM’s School of Coastal Resilience Featured in the 2023 Sustainable Campus Index

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 02:07pm | By: Gabriela Shinskie

USMThe University of Southern Mississippi (USM)’s School of Coastal Resilience has been featured in the 2023 Sustainable Campus Index. The publication featured the new sustainable majors offered in the School of Coastal Resilience Sustainability Studies and Sustainability Sciences (Coastal System Dynamics).

Dr. Westley Follett, Interim Director of the School of Coastal Resilience, is proud to see the sustainability efforts of the programs featured in a top-rated publication.

“We are delighted to be recognized in the 2023 Sustainable Campus Index. As our Sustainability degree programs continue to attract attention, we look forward to welcoming many more students into the School of Coastal Resilience,” said Follett.

Dr. David Holt, Associate Professor of Geography in the School of Coastal Resilience, was featured in a photo with students using ground-penetrating radar in the field.

“We are happy to get USM included in this national ranking system by including all necessary information and we hope to improve our exposure and our rank over the coming years,” said Holt. “In a constantly changing world, we need to understand what is and what is not sustainable.”

Holt went on to say that with the development of the school’s multidisciplinary Sustainability Sciences (Coastal System Dynamics) (BS), Sustainability Studies (BA), degrees and minors, they have been approached to help develop an accreditation body for national sustainability programs. This accreditation has been recognized by the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating Systems (STARS).

“STARS ranks universities that address environmental, social, and economic sustainability,” said, Holt.

The 2023 Sustainable Campus Index highlights top-rated colleges and universities in sustainability and global impact. Read more about the Sustainable Campus Index. Learn more about the School of Coastal Resilience along with research, majors and programs.