What is a Peer Advisor?

Peer Advisors (PAs) are the people to know for the places to go!

They are a group of students who serve as a resource to inspire interest in study abroad by enthusiastically sharing their personal insight and providing first-hand knowledge and information about the opportunities offered by Southern Miss. Each semester, the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) selects 18-20 peer advisors to serve for a semester or an academic year.

Internships: (2016-2017 academic year), students may apply for specific roles and internships within the Peer Advisor team!

The PA Team is sectioned into three committees. There is a committee that will fit each person's schedule and skill set! A list of the committees can be found below, as well as further information about general responsibilities, qualifications, compensation and how to apply!

We hope you will consider applying to be a part of the 2016-2017 Peer Advisor Team!



Tabling Committee

  • Staff general information tables
  • Participate in Study Abroad Fairs
  • Organizes engaging activities for tabling (ex. photo booths, games, etc.)

Runners Committee

  • Present information to groups on campus including residence halls, student organizations, selected classes, etc.

  • Coordinates with professors, Greek life, and other organizations on campus to promote studying abroad
  • Assist with setting up and working events 
  • Posting signs for special events and passing out flyers when needed 

Arts & Crafts Committee

  • Creates signs and other materials to promote upcoming events & meetings
  • Documents Peer Advisor events through photography (or video)
  • Assist with goody bags, photo booth materials, other crafty needs



The Scoop Intern

  • Write bi-weekly newsletter
  • Come up with ideas for feature stories
  • Has strong writing skills
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Works closely with Study Abroad Coordinator, Jessica Bunales

The Office Intern

  • Works 10 per week in Office of Study Abroad
  • Able to multi-task
  • Likes to interact with people 
  • Comfortable with answering phone 
  • Opportunity to learn more about International Education/Study Abroad
  • Work on various Peer Advisor Team tasks
  • Will work closely with Study Abroad Office staff

The High School Visit Day Intern

  • Plans and coordinates High School Visit Day during International Education Week
  • Needs to be able to put together itinerary
  • Contact local high schools
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Needs to be organized
  • Works closely with Study Abroad Coordinator, Hannah Jones



  • Attend one meeting per month
  • Advise students on the basics of study abroad including available programs (semester, year, and summer), application deadlines and procedures, etc.
  • Mentor incoming and outgoing exchange students
  • Attend initial training sessions and regular meetings throughout each semester
  • Attend and in many cases assist in welcome/farewell events/barbeques/lunches for our visiting international exchange students
  • Assist the Office of Study Abroad with International Education Week, recruitment events, email campaigns, specific projects (as assigned) and pre-departure orientation sessions
  • Contribute ideas, feedback, and suggestions from the student perspective
  • Talk about your study abroad experience to people who will listen, whenever you can
  • Other duties as assigned or as suggested by you!



Peer Advisors commit to the current academic year, and volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per week, which may vary based on your committee (internship positions will differ), assisting students prior to their departure. Upon selection Peer Advisors must attend 1 training session.



  • Networking opportunity to potentially be hired in the field of International Education one day
  • Recommendations for future employment
  • A gift card to Barnes and Nobles
  • Free meals at official PA meetings
  • A waived deposit for any future Southern Miss study abroad program
  • Friends and Fun times!

Picture this on your resume:


The University of Southern Mississippi [dates]

Student representative of the Office of Study Abroad. Served as a resource to inspire interest in study abroad by enthusiastically sharing personal insight and providing first-hand knowledge and information about opportunities offered by Southern Miss. Etc...

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