What is a Peer Advisor?

Peer Advisors (PAs) are the people to know for the places to go!

They are a group of students who serve as a resource to inspire interest in study abroad by enthusiastically sharing their personal insight and providing first-hand knowledge and information about the opportunities offered by Southern Miss. Each semester, the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) selects 18-20 peer advisors to serve for a semester or an academic year.

Internships: (2016-2017 academic year), students may apply for specific roles and internships within the Peer Advisor team!

The PA Team is sectioned into three committees. There is a committee that will fit each person's schedule and skill set! A list of the committees can be found below, as well as further information about general responsibilities, qualifications, compensation and how to apply!

We hope you will consider applying to be a part of the 2016-2017 Peer Advisor Team!



Tabling Committee

  • Staff general information tables
  • Participate in Study Abroad Fairs
  • Organizes engaging activities for tabling (ex. photo booths, games, etc.)

Runners Committee

  • Present information to groups on campus including residence halls, student organizations, selected classes, etc.

  • Coordinates with professors, Greek life, and other organizations on campus to promote studying abroad
  • Assist with setting up and working events 
  • Posting signs for special events and passing out flyers when needed 

Arts & Crafts Committee

  • Creates signs and other materials to promote upcoming events & meetings
  • Documents Peer Advisor events through photography (or video)
  • Assist with goody bags, photo booth materials, other crafty needs



The Scoop Intern (position filled)

  • Write bi-weekly newsletter
  • Come up with ideas for feature stories
  • Has strong writing skills
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Works closely with Study Abroad Coordinator, Jessica Bunales

If you enjoy writing, there are opportunities for you to write features for The Scoop. Please contact Jessica Bunales for more details. 

The Office Intern

  • Works 10 per week in Office of Study Abroad
  • Able to multi-task
  • Likes to interact with people 
  • Comfortable with answering phone 
  • Opportunity to learn more about International Education/Study Abroad
  • Work on various Peer Advisor Team tasks
  • Will work closely with Study Abroad Office staff

The Orientation Intern

  • Will assist in planning orientation sessions
  • Able to multi-task
  • Has organizational skills 
  • Will need to meet with Study Abroad Coordinator once a week
  • Works closely with Study Abroad Coordinator, Jessica Bunales
The Exchange Program Intern
  • Plans events for the international exchange students
  • Keeps students in the loop with events on campus and around campus via facebook group
  • Helps out with events and orientations for outbound exchange students
  • Works closely with Study Abroad Coordinator, Hannah Jones



  • Attend one meeting per month
  • Advise students on the basics of study abroad including available programs (semester, year, and summer), application deadlines and procedures, etc.
  • Mentor incoming and outgoing exchange students
  • Attend initial training sessions and regular meetings throughout each semester
  • Attend and in many cases assist in welcome/farewell events/barbecues/lunches for our visiting international exchange students
  • Assist the Office of Study Abroad with International Education Week, recruitment events, email campaigns, specific projects (as assigned) and pre-departure orientation sessions
  • Contribute ideas, feedback, and suggestions from the student perspective
  • Talk about your study abroad experience to people who will listen, whenever you can
  • Other duties as assigned or as suggested by you!



Peer Advisors commit to the current academic year, and volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per week, which may vary based on your committee (internship positions will differ), assisting students prior to their departure. Upon selection, Peer Advisors must attend 1 training session.



  • Networking opportunity to potentially be hired in the field of International Education one day
  • Recommendations for future employment
  • A gift card
  • Free meals at official PA meetings
  • A waived deposit for any future Southern Miss study abroad program
  • Friends and Fun times!

*Compensation is based on your performance and efforts


Picture this on your resume:


The University of Southern Mississippi [dates]

Student representative of the Office of Study Abroad. Served as a resource to inspire interest in study abroad by enthusiastically sharing personal insight and providing first-hand knowledge and information about opportunities offered by Southern Miss. Etc...

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