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Guidelines for filing an admission appeal

Students may appeal decisions made by the Office of Admissions related to freshman admission requirements, transfer requirements from community/junior colleges, readmission requirements, credits transferred into the university, and the admission deadline.  The appeal will be reviewed by an anonymous committee comprised of faculty and staff.

The appeal must be submitted by the student who is appealing a decision, not the student's parent or guardian. 

In the appeal, the student should state why his/her situation merits reconsideration and should provide documentation of any extenuating circumstances that might have resulted in an unfavorable decision rendered by the Office of Admissions.  Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to, the obituary/death certificate of an immediate family member, or a doctor's certification that the student is or has been treated for a long-term illness or condition.

A decision will be rendered by the committee in ten (10) business days from the date of the submission of the appeal.  The decision will be communicated to the student by email to the addresses provided on the appeal form.

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