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Your admissions recruiter is here to help you with all things related to becoming a new Golden Eagle! Feel free to reach out through email, phone, or text throughout your college search.



Emma Brownlee

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: South Alabama and Florida

Email: Emma.BrownleeFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.7523

Instagram: @USM_Emma

Devin Chadwick


Devin Chadwick

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Transfer Students

Email: Devin.ChadwickFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.8510

Instagram: @USM_Devin

Pierre Galloway


Pierre Galloway

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Campus Visitors and U.S. East

Email: Pierre.GallowayFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.8640

Instagram: @USM_Pierre

Rachel Jackson


Rachel Jackson

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Louisiana and Texas

Email: Rachel.M.JacksonFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.8956

Instagram: @USM_Rachel



Walker Mattox

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: East Mississippi and Central Alabama

Email: Walker.MattoxFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.7468

Instagram: @USM_WalkerM



Kanesha McInnis

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Mississippi Gulf Coast

Email: Kanesha.McInnisFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.7112

Instagram: @USM.Kanesha



Reid Morris

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Mississippi Pine Belt

Email: Reid.MorrisFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.6543

Instagram: @USM_Reid



Jacob Nelson

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Jackson Metro Area

Email: Jacob.R.NelsonFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.8104

Instagram: @USM_Jacob



Kalyn Patterson

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: Campus Visitors and U.S. West

Email: Kalyn.PattersonFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 602.543.8975

Instagram: @USM_Kalyn



Rae Pullum

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: North Mississippi, Tennessee, and North Alabama

Email: R.PullumFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.8834

Instagram: @Rae_USM



Dallas Smith

Admissions Recruiter

Territory: West Mississippi

Email: Dallas.D.SmithFREEMississippi

Phone (Call/Text): 601.543.7415

Instagram: @USMDallas


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