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Digital Journalism

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Digital Journalism

The new frontier of story-telling and truth telling

The tide has turned on journalism careers, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting digital journalism jobs will increase by the same rate as most other professions. Here at the School of Media and Communication we are seeing far faster growth. In each of the last two years, we have had more requests to post positions than we have had graduates to take them. Digital Journalists act as truth-tellers and story-tellers, sketching society both as it is and how it could be. The Digital Journalism program consists of a set of core skills and theory courses that cover the basics of story-telling and information gathering and production. Students are then asked to specialize in one of two tracks, Broadcast or Multimedia. Broadcast is designed for students who see themselves working in television, radio, NextGen TV, and the like. Multimedia is for students who see themselves pursuing positions on digital news outlets, magazines, newspapers, podcasting and other venues.

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15program-specific USM Foundation scholarships
1study abroad program in London

What Will I Learn?

All students in the School of Media and Communication begin their journeys with a small set of core courses. These are COM110, a one-hour class that discusses the careers and opportunities available in Media and Communication; COM210, a two-hour skills class centered on Digital Skills, and COM310, Social and Digital Media, which introduces students to analyzing and creating social media. Digital Journalism students then take skills courses on writing, reporting, and digital production, as well as law and ethics.

All students in the school are highly encouraged to do at least one internship during their college career. We know that internships are among the best indicators of successful placement after graduation. Students are encouraged to attend one of the regular internship meetings each semester to learn how internships work and how the school can assist in acquiring one. Students routinely find internship positions in regional and national news outlets, production houses and a variety of agencies and institutions that require content creation for web and social media use.

Each year the USM Foundation awards over $20,000 in scholarship funds geared toward students majoring in the School of Media and Communication. Using the Golden Opportunities (GO) Scholarship and Competitive Programs Application System, students can easily search, review requirements, apply and accept awards for available scholarship opportunities. Apply for scholarships through the GO system.

On British Studies, London becomes the students' classroom as they experience their subject first-hand and conduct research supervised by their professor. Students become mobile journalist, compiling a body of work online to develop practical, academic and technology skills in one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Lectures and behind-the-scenes tours give an insider’s perspective of the rapidly changing industry and its stark differences from American journalism. Students analyze Britain’s news coverage – print and broadcast – its public relations practices, advertising policies, and the pros and cons of each in four nonstop weeks each summer. Join in the fun!

All students in the school have access to three state-of-the-art computer labs featuring the Adobe Creative Suite software. However, many students find it more efficient and better for their own journeys to graduation to have their own computer. The school recommends that Digital Journalism students consider purchasing a Macbook Pro laptop and acquiring access to the Adobe Creative Suite software. Click here for more information on computer recommendations.

Your success is our success.

Whether working with students on class projects or honors theses, team projects or student groups, advising or chatting when we run into you on campus, we take the time to get to know our students. All of the faculty in the School are active in research projects and creative endeavors, balancing disciplinary leadership positions, and serving the university in important ways, but we always find time to help students. Your success is our success.

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  • Reporters, Editors, Writers, and Bloggers
  • Event manager, public relations specialist
  • Communications Director
  • Multimedia Reporter, Producer
  • David McRaney, 2007
  • Teresa Collier, 1986
    Director of News and Public Affairs, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  • Ted Jackson, 1984
    Photojournalist, New Orleans Times-Picayune
  • Rachel Quinlivan West, 2004 
    Senior Editor/Brand Leader, Time Inc. Books
  • Ali Holston, 2011 
    Producer, CNN, Atlanta, GA
  • Charles Bishop "Chuck" Scarborough III, 1969
    Anchor, WNBC New York