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Interdisciplinary Studies

Availability: Gulf Park, Hattiesburg and Hybrid Options

Your Voyage of Exploration is about to Begin!

At Southern Miss, you can design an academic path that incorporates your interests and talents through the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS). In the BIS, you take charge of your own learning. You may select two concentrations from a large selection of academic minors or design your own approved concentrations from a variety of disciplines and courses offered by USM. Students can also choose from two specialty concentrations: Environmental Studies and Disability Studies.

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1degree with many paths
2specialty concentrations
120hours to degree

What Will I Learn?

Through research, we aim to foster independence of mind, a spirit of exploration and discovery, and an awareness of our common responsibility to work collaboratively across disciplines towards solutions to complex problems.

Once you have established your concentrations, you will develop a research project that incorporates knowledge from your concentrations. Over a two-course research design process, you will design, implement, and present your research, while also honing writing and speaking skills. We encourage projects that involve applying knowledge in real-life settings.


Degree Plan Availability
Interdisciplinary Studies BISGulf Park, Hattiesburg, Gulf Park Hybrid, Hattiesburg Hybrid, Online 100%
  • Small Business Ownership
  • Law and Human Rights Advocacy
  • Consulting
  • Nonprofit Work
  • Land Management
  • Environmental Research
  • Whitney Miller, 2011
    Winner of MasterChef competition and author of Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm
  • Jamie Collins, 2013
     Linebacker for the Cleveland Browns
  • Tori Bowie, 2012
    Professional track star, Olympic Gold Medalist