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Media and Entertainment Arts

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Media and Entertainment Arts

Creating and Entertaining

Each emphasis area in the Media and Entertainment Arts major offers unique and in-depth insights into either sound, video or film production, all of which lead to careers in popular mass media entertainment.

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4ways to customize your degree
3production, one management student organizations
2program-specific scholarships

What Will I Learn?

Recording industry production majors learn studio audio recording and editing skills utilizing various platforms whiles management majors focus on festival and talent management and record company operations.

Media Production and film professionals communicate a core message through visual content, which progressively becomes more relevant with the ever-evolving digital age. Learn the art of producing sharp digital content using single and multi-camera techniques, pre-production and concept development, writing for radio, television and film, and post production procedures.

Internships offer students in the School of Communication an important opportunity for supervised learning in a professional setting. Students benefit by gaining valuable insight into the careers and job tasks of professionals in their major, by enriching their learning experience through observing first-hand the practical application of classroom theories and concepts, and by gaining vital professional contacts with professionals in their major. Internships may be earned in advertising, and three credit hours are offered for students who successfully complete the internship over the course of one semester.

Each year the USM Foundation awards over $20,000 in scholarship funds geared toward students majoring in the School of Communication. Using the Golden Opportunities (GO) Scholarship and Competitive Programs Application System, students can easily search, review requirements, apply and accept awards for available scholarship opportunities. Apply for scholarships through the GO system.

Your success is our success.

Whether working with students on class projects or honors theses, team projects or student groups, advising or chatting when we run into you on campus, we take the time to get to know our students. All of the faculty in the School are active in research projects and creative endeavors, balancing disciplinary leadership positions, and serving the university in important ways, but we always find time to help students. Your success is our success.


  • Commercial Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Videographer
  • Video Film Editor
  • Talent and Event Manager
  • Screen Writer
  • Tena Clark, 1976
    songwriter, producer, CEO and chief creative officer, DMI Music & Media Solutions
  • Alex Vanderleest, 2013
    Brand Partnerships, MilkMoney Inc.
  • David Sheffield, 1972,
    film and television writer
  • Diego Velasco, 1995,
    film writer-director-producer
  • Makareta Rademakers, 2017,
    Sports Production, Sky TV New Zeland
  • Zach Ball, 2015 
    DIT/Colorist, Mad Genius Labs, INC