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Undergraduate Scholarships

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 Frequently Asked Questions - General

  • Do scholarships stack?
    • Most scholarships will stack with all other aid, up to cost of attendance. However, the State of Mississippi governing board, IHL, does not allow students to receive two scholarships for the same designation (ex: two tuition or housing scholarships). 
  • Why was my scholarship reduced?
    • A student's total aid cannot exceed their cost of attendance (COA) assigned by the Office of Financial Aid. All scholarship adjustments are made by the Office of Financial Aid based on your total award package. Please contact their office for more information. 
  • If I miss the deadline for an admission-based award, am I still eligible?
    • No. Students who miss the deadline are not eligible for immediate consideration. Students can complete a scholarship appeal to state their case, but scholarships are competitive and on a first come basis. Appeals are not guaranteed, as meeting the deadline is part of the initial eligibility criteria. 
  • Do I have to accept my institutional scholarships?
    • Yes, all students must follow the instructions located in the USM email address offer notification to properly accept their USM scholarship in the GO System and complete any necessary verification steps, such as the post acceptance questionnaire. 
    • The only scholarships accepted in SOAR are Community College Transfer Academic, University College Transfer Academic, and Academic Excellence which are offered at the time of admission to the university and require not additional application steps. Instructions on how to accept these three awards can be found here
  • How do I know my scholarship stipulations?
    • Your scholarship tile located in the GO System will include a stipulation agreement outlining how you will maintain your scholarship(s). If no information is located on the tile, please refer to your original offer email for more information. 
    • Certain admission-based, merit award stipulations can also be found in your Communication Center in SOAR attached to your original scholarship offer letter. 
    • All scholarships administered by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships require students to enroll in 15 credit hours each fall and spring semester and to maintain a minimum a 2.5 USM cumulative GPA, which can also be found under your To Do list in SOAR as a constant reminder for you and your advisor during the duration of your scholarship. 
  • What is the difference between auto-match (automatic consideration awards) and apply-to awards (awards with applications).
    • Auto-match awards do not require an additional application outside of the General Application. Offers are sent based on imported data collected through the GO System.
    • Apply-to awards require a General Application and additional application questionnaire to allow for document submission or proof of membership, participation, or some other verifiable component. 
  • What are designation-based awards? 
    • Designation-based awards are "designated" only for students who have earned that specific distinction or membership status. Proof of status must be uploaded that clearly states the student's name and status identified in the award description in the GO System. 
  • How do current USM students receiving an admission-based merit award  keep their scholarship?
    • Admission-based awards automatically renew for the allotted amount of semesters listed in the initial offer as long as all stipulations are met each semester. 
    • Click here for more details.

If you have questions about FAITH Scholarship, MTAG, MESG, Pell Grant, HELP Scholars Grant, Federal Work Study, or Student Loans you will need to visit the Office of Financial Aid's website. These are types of state of MS aid and/or federal funding awarded through the Department of Education via your FAFSA. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Navigating the GO System

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