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Undergraduate Scholarships

F.L.I.G.H.T. Program

Financial Literacy Insight, Growth, Help, and Teachings 

How much does it cost to go to USM? After completing the General Application, where can I find other funds? How can I improve my personal finances to reach my goals?


The Office of Undergraduate Scholarships has developed a campus-wide financial literacy program titled F.L.I.G.H.T (financial literacy insight, growth, help and teachings) to bring financial literacy awareness and resources to prospective and current students. This program takes a 3 point approach to addressing financial literacy needs at the collegiate level:

1) Preparing students for University costs and setting financial goals

2) Understanding all funding resources to utilize "gift aid" first and know their financial obligations

3) Aligning educational expenses with personal finance needs to create a sound financial plan to guide them through college and beyond graduation.


Resources for Financial Preparedness at Every Stage:

If you are planning to attend Southern Miss in the fall directly after your high school graduation, we have outlined some helpful resources to help make sure that you have the proper knowledge to secure your financial needs and prepare your student(s) in learning about basic money management. Start with learning key financial terms, deadlines and procedures for our University, and where to find corresponding information.

Every year students should complete the General Application in the GO System, apply for additional scholarships, complete a new FAFSA, and review all deadlines. In addition to these items, we also recommend the following: 

  • Apply for additional student programs through New Student Retention Programs (NSRP), such as Academic Coaching, Sophomore Spark, Jubilee Scholars, Transfer Student Association, and more: Many programs offered through various offices at Southern Miss offer additional scholarships to participants.

Not only are these resources and programs a great asset to your development as a student, but they can also help in covering college expenses. They also provide hands on experiences and student engagement within individual campus communities. 

  • Become actively engaged on campus and in the community by finding the right volunteer opportunity through the Center for Community Engagement
  • Explore Career Service resources at and schedule appointments as needed
  • Visit the Center for Pathway Experiences to learn how to gain more hands on experience, while earning your degree
  • Visit our website for Nationally Competitive Programs and schedule an appointment to get started
  • Utilize your account that can be accessed at any time. Suggested activities and modules include: Career Planning module, Budgeting Basics module, car Costs You Auto Know quiz, How Credit Savvy are You? quiz, Monthly Budget worksheet, Apartment Features worksheet, Moving Checklist, and Comparing Checking Accounts worksheet
  • Consider taking the Personal Finance 200 course offered at USM as an elective to learn more about managing your own personal finances

In addition to taking advantage of the above resources, seniors should begin planning for graduate school, interviewing for jobs, and/or preparing financially to tackle any student loan payments and personal expenses associated with life after graduation. 

  • Make an appointment with Career Services to cover your basis: resume, sharpen your interview skills, networking, job seeking skills
  • Attend the Career and Internship Expo,  Teacher Job Fair, and utilize Handshake through Career Services.

Career Services encourages students of all classifications (Freshman - Alumni) to attend the Career and Internship Expo. They believe that students should begin networking and speaking with employers as early as Freshman year, so that they can grow in their confidence with connecting to employers.

  • Review Graduate School Deadlines and Graduate Admissions processes at Graduate Admissions
  • Complete your General Application in the GO System and apply for scholarships: All University offered scholarships are located in the GO System, including scholarships for graduate students 
  • View the Funding Resources tab on Graduate Admissions' website for a list of additional ways to fund your studies
  • Apply for the McNair Scholars Program (if applicable)
  • Attend the GRE Prep Bootcamp hosted by the Graduate School
  • Utilize your account that can be accessed well after graduation: Suggested activities and modules include: Paying Back Student Loans module, Making the Most of Employee Benefits module, Budgeting for Life After College worksheet, and Job Offer Decisions worksheet. Continue to visit and revisit useful modules on investing, taxes, credit, and more

Additional Resources and Financial Opportunities

The University of Southern Mississippi does not offer an out state tuition waiver or scholarship. We encourage students who qualify to seek opportunities provided through the Academic Common Market. 

The Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings program for college students in 15 SREB states, who want to pursue degrees that are not offered by their in-state institutions. Students can enroll in out-of-state institutions that offer their degree program and pay the institution’s in-state tuition rates. More than 1,900 undergraduate and graduate programs are available.

  • The ACM program is not competitive or merit-based, but applicants must meet state residency and college program requirements.
  • To qualify for the Academic Common Market, a student must be a resident of an SREB member state, select a participating program that is approved for the Academic Common Market for his or her state and be admitted unconditionally into that program.
  • Apply here 

All Office of Undergraduate Scholarships are equally open to international students that meet the requirements. International students are included in the application pool for automatic consideration, auto-match, and apply-to scholarship opportunities provided by the University. We also encourage you to apply for any "other recommended opportunities" suggested for you in the GO System, as well as any on our website. We have also included additional external scholarship resources designated for international students.

*Some links lead to national and international databases housed on other university sites. When reviewing opportunities, make sure that the opportunity is not limited to that specific institution. 



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