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Undergraduate Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships: Academic, Competitive, Designation-Based, and National Merit

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Freshman Scholarships | FAQs

These FAQs are pertaining to receiving and applying-to freshman scholarships at The University of Southern Mississippi.

The GO System is an abbreviation for the Golden Opportunities Scholarship and Competitive Programs Application System. The GO System houses a variety of scholarship opportunities for incoming and continuing students at Southern Miss. Once admitted, students can search, review requirements, apply and accept their scholarships in one web portal! Click here to view instructions on applying for scholarships in the GO System.

Students admitted after the December 1 deadline will not be considered for the following freshman scholarships:  National Merit, Luckyday,  or Honors College

Please, refer back to the main page for all other scholarship deadlines to ensure you are admitted in time for all possible scholarship consideration. 

For all freshman scholarships listed below, students must be admitted by December 1.

  • Academic Scholarships:  No, students will be automatically considered for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.  We strongly recommend students complete the Golden Opportunities General Application for other scholarship opportunities.
  • Competitive Scholarships:  Yes, students must apply for competitive scholarships by January 15 through the GO System.
  • National Merit Semifinalist Scholarship: No, but you must be admitted to the University by December 1st to be awarded the scholarship.
  • National Merit Finalist Scholarships: Yes, students must apply and submit official documentation by May 1 through the GO System for National Merit Finalist Scholarship. 
  • Designation-Based Scholarships:  Yes, students must apply and submit official documentation by June 1 through the GO System
  • Foundation, Alumni, Major & Interest Scholarships: Yes, you need to complete the general application in the GO System by February 15 for priority consideration. On your application is submitted, there may be other recommended opportunities to apply for and submit.

 Click here to view instructions on applying for scholarships in the GO System.

Scores from the December test date will be used to update student scholarship offers for competitive programs if the student was admitted by December 1st and submit their updated test scores by January 10th. Test scores must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Students have until March 1 to submit new scores for Academic Excellence consideration and scholarship adjustments will be sent to the student’s home address by mid March if the Academic Excellence Scholarship offer is increased. We will not accept scores after the March 1 deadline. 

 Yes, the University of Southern Mississippi does accept official super scores sent directly from for scholarship purposes. The University itself does not manually calculate a super score for students; therefore, we do not superscore SAT scores. Unfortunately, they do not provide institutions with official superscores at this time. 
Freshman Academic Scholarships are called Academic Excellence Scholarships.  Students will receive the first round of scholarship and financial aid award notifications by March 1 of the student’s senior year.  
  • Office of Admissions | 601-266-5000
  • Luckyday Scholars Program | 601-266-5981
  • Honors College | 601-266-4533
  • McCarty Scholars Program, Office of Undergraduate Scholarships | 601-266-4540
A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required to receive all undergraduate scholarships. Remember, students must be admitted by December 1 and the Southern Miss FAFSA priority date for scholarship consideration December 15.
Most freshman scholarships will stack, up to cost of attendance. However, the State of Mississippi governing board, IHL, does not allow students to receive two scholarships for the same designation (ex: two tuition or housing scholarships). If you receive Discovery, Presidential, National Merit or other tuition scholarships, your Academic Excellence Tuition Scholarship will be cancelled. You can stack Academic Excellence Scholarship if selected for the Luckyday Scholars Program
No, freshman scholarships are available to students the fall semester immediately following high school graduation. If you attend summer school after your high school graduation but enroll and attend at The University of Southern Mississippi that fall semester, you will be considered for freshman scholarships.

Yes, students must accept scholarship(s) via the GO System. If you do not accept your scholarship by the stated deadline, your scholarship will be cancelled.  Click here to view instructions on accepting your scholarship in the GO System.

  • Academic and Competitive Scholarships: May 1
  • Designation-Based and National Merit Scholarships: July 1
Your scholarship tile located in the GO System will include a stipulation agreement outlining how you will maintain your scholarship(s).  Make sure you reference this stipulation agreement while you are attending The University of Southern Mississippi. Click here for more FAQs on maintaining your scholarship.


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