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Undergraduate Scholarships

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Golden Opportunities Scholarship and Competitive Programs Application System


All University offered scholarships are available in the GO System. Once a student completes the General Application, the student is then matched to various scholarship applications within the system or can search among 900 scholarship opportunities. Most scholarships do not require an additional application step, but students may see additional "apply-to" options to consider. 

After reviewing the brief description provided for each apply-to scholarship option, the student may then determine if they would like to complete the additional scholarship application(s) necessary for consideration for that particular scholarship. We highly encourage students to apply for as many additional scholarships as possible each year.

Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee receival of the award. All offers will be sent to the student's USM email address. Offers can be made at anytime during the year, but the majority of offers will be made by July 1st.

This process will need to be completed each year beginning October 1st and finalized before the February 15th priority deadline. This date is a priority deadline, but students can still update and complete the General Application at any time between the awarding cycle to still be considered for additional scholarships.

  1. Review all deadlines and reminders listed on the landing page
  2. Log in with your SOAR credentials ( and SOAR password)
  3. Complete your GENERAL APPLICATION and Recommended Opportunities applications every year by February 15th
  4. Check your USM email address for scholarship offers throughout the year
  5. Visit our FAQ section on our website for guides on how to accept your scholarship, navigate through the GO System, and more.

Log into the GO System periodically before the deadline, to manage your General Application. Double check your answers to make sure you entered all the correct information. You are able to make corrections and update your answers with new information until the application deadline, which is January 15, for Luckyday Citizenship Program, Honors College Admission and Achievement Awards and February 15 for most other Foundation Scholarships.

Check the Recommended Scholarships tab to find any additional scholarships for which you would like to apply.

 Under the Applicant Record Tab – Your student information from SOAR is imported nightly to the scholarship application system. Information such as GPA, classification, address and major are automatically added to your records in the GO System from SOAR. Follow the instructions on the landing page to contact the correct office to properly update your student records with the university.

  • Have your resume handy or any notes regarding your achievements.
  • Have your letters of recommendation saved on your computer to upload as needed.
  • Utilize the search bar feature to easily skim through your Recommended Opportunities or identify any specific scholarship you are wanting to view.
  • Read each scholarship description and eligibility requirements before deciding to apply.
  • Feel free to utilize the campus Writing Center for help with scholarships that require an essay. 



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