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Undergraduate Scholarships

How to Accept Your Scholarship in GO

Accepting Your Scholarship in GO

To accept your scholarship(s), follow the instructions outlined below. If you have not notified the University of your scholarship acceptance via GO by the published deadline (see our website), this scholarship offer will be cancelled.


Log into the Golden Opportunities (GO) Scholarship Application System:

Step 1) Visit  

  • Click the gold button, “The GO System”
  • At the top right of the page there will be a gold bar that says “sign in.”  Click that then you will be directed to the login page.
  • Use your SOAR credentials (wID and SOAR password) to log in to the GO system.

Step 2) Once you have signed into the GO Scholarship Application System using your SOAR ID and password, click “My Applications” in the top left corner of your page. 

Step 3) Locate the “Needs Attention” section.  The scholarship(s) which you have been offered will have a gold bar at the bottom which says “Accept.” 

Step 4) Click the gold “Accept” bar.

Step 5) Read your Scholarship Stipulations form.

  • You will also receive a scholarship award letter in the mail including a printed stipulation agreement.  Please keep this copy for your records.

Step 6) Click “Accept” at the bottom of the page.




If you have questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships at 601.266.4540 or scholarsFREEMississippi.

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