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Undergraduate Scholarships

Transfer Scholarships: Academic and Designation-Based

Transfer Academic & Designation-Based Scholarship | FAQs

Q: When will I know if I get a transfer scholarship?

A: The Office of Undergraduate Scholarships sends monthly notification during the following times:

·       Students entering spring 2019: November, December and January

·       Students entering fall 2019: March - August


Q: I have attended multiple colleges since high school.  When determining GPA and credit hours, do you consider only my most recently attended college or all colleges I have attended?

A: We consider all college work completed following high school, not just your most recently attended institution.  This will be your cumulative transfer GPA calculated by The University of Southern Mississippi Office of Admissions.

Q: Where can I view requirements for transfer scholarships?

A: Visit and click on “Transfer Scholarships” on the left-hand menu.  Students must be admitted and submit documentation in the GO System by the stated deadline.


Q: I will not meet the hour and/or GPA requirement until after I complete my summer semester.  Will the summer semester be considered for transfer scholarships?

A: Academic records submitted and received by The University of Southern Mississippi Office of Admissions on or before the stated scholarship deadline will be considered for scholarship purposes.  If your updated transcript is submitted after the deadline, these records will not be considered for scholarship eligibility.


Q: Can I receive freshman scholarships if I have only attended another college or university for one semester?

A: Once a student attends another college/university after their high school graduation, they cannot receive freshman scholarships. They will be treated as a transfer student and will be reviewed for scholarship eligibility based on that model.


Q: I was not selected to receive a scholarship when I entered USM. Can I get one as a current USM student?

A: It is difficult to receive a scholarship after you have missed the deadline.  Students have the right to appeal their scholarship status. We encourage students to provide official documentation of why he/she missed the scholarship deadline in efforts to illustrate his/her extenuating circumstance.  Documentation of membership in student/academic organization is not sufficient proof of extenuating circumstance.  Please visit our website,, for more information.  All current USM students must complete one semester at USM before submitting an appeal.


      Q: I have not attended college for at least a year, am I eligible for Transfer Scholarships?

A:  No, transfer scholarships are available to students attending Southern Miss the fall or spring semester immediately following enrollment from their last institution.  If your last attendance from another institution was over a year from the time enter Southern Miss, you are not eligible for transfer scholarships.


Q: If I have attended USM previously (not as a dually enrolled student in high school) and will be returning to USM after earning credits at a college or university, am I eligible for Transfer Scholarships?

A: Transfer Scholarships are only available for new students to USM.  If you are returning to USM, you must submit an appeal with the University Scholarship Appeals Committee.  Please visit our website,, for more information. 


Q: What proof is accepted for a Transfer Designation-Based Scholarship?

A: All documentation must be official and submitted by the stated deadline in the GO System

·       Phi Theta Kappa:  certificate and/or proof of membership (PTK membership card or letter on letterhead from PTK advisor). Only documentation submitted via GO will be accepted and considered.

·       Mississippi All-Academic First State/National Team Scholarship:   certificate of membership from advisor.  (This is an academic sponsored organization and not an athletic achievement.) Only documentation submitted via GO will be accepted and considered.

·       Transfer Eagle Scout/Gold Award Scholarship:  certificate and/or proof of membership (letter on letterhead from scout leader). Only documentation submitted via GO will be accepted and considered.


Q: I was selected to receive a scholarship. How do I keep it?

A: With your scholarship offer, you will receive a stipulation agreement. This agreement will detail exactly what is needed to maintain your award. Stipulations include, but are not limited to, the number of hours each semester and cumulative grade point average at Southern Miss.



Updated September 2018

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