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Troubleshooting the GO System

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Troubleshooting the Golden Opportunities Scholarship Application System | GO System


Q:  How do I find out what scholarships I qualify for?

A:  The best place to begin will be the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships website.  You can view most of our new student scholarship opportunities at  This will give you a good idea of which scholarships you might qualify for.


Q:  How do I apply for scholarships?

A:  Check out the “How To” instructions for assistance on applying for Competitive Scholarships, Designation-Based Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships and more.


Q:  Why can’t I see a particular scholarship that I’m looking for when I look at the “recommended” scholarships in the “opportunities” tab?

 A:  The “Recommended” scholarships are based on your answers from the General Application as well as the other student data we have on file for you; for example, your GPA, test scores, and educational background.  If you are not seeing a scholarship in the “Recommended” section, it could be an auto-match scholarship which will not show up because there are no additional components to complete. It is also possible that you do not currently meet all of the qualifications for said scholarship.

To review your student data on file, click on “My Applications” and then “Applicant Record”.


Q:  Why is my reference not able to login to the system?

A:  You can manage your references by clicking the “Reference” tab on your GO System account. Click the “view” button on the scholarship and confirm that the email address you entered for your reference is correct. If the email address is correct, navigate to the references tab and press the “Resend” button next to the reference provider name.

 If the email address is incorrect, go back into your application, select “Add new reference” and enter the correct information.


Q:  When I log into the GO System and have found the scholarship that I’m looking for, if it says the deadline has ended, what do I do?

 A:  If you are looking for a scholarship awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships or our Competitive Scholarship Programs you must be admitted by December 1 and have all required documentation in by the stated deadline.  Check out the Freshman Scholarship or Transfer Scholarship Deadline resource on the website.

If you are looking at USM Foundation scholarships, the priority date has passed.  The priority date for foundation scholarships is February 15. However, our general application is always available to complete in situations where additional scholarship opportunities become available.


Q:  How do I know if I been awarded a scholarship?

A:  If you have been awarded a scholarship in the GO System, you will receive an email to your USM email address that prompts you to go back into the GO System and accept your scholarship offer. The scholarship(s) you have been awarded will be located on the home page of your GO System account.  To view your home page, log into the GO System, click “My Applications” and view the status of any scholarships which you have been awarded and need to accept, or any applications you need to finish.  Pay attention to acceptance deadlines.


Q:  I received an email that says I (or my student) have been awarded a scholarship and it has not been applied to my SOAR account. What do I (or my student) do?

A:  Have you accepted the scholarship in the GO System?

If not, the scholarship you have been awarded will be located on the home page of your GO System account. To view your home page, log into the GO system, click “My Applications.”  Click the gold “Accept” button to accept your scholarship.

If you have already accepted your scholarship it typically takes 48-72 hours for that be reflected on your SOAR account.  If it has been more than 72 hours since you have accepted your scholarship and you still do not see it posted on your account, please email the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships at


Q:  If I applied last year, do I have to apply again?

A:  If you were awarded a scholarship through the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships, you received an award letter and stipulation regarding your scholarship.  This stipulation agreement outlines how many semesters you will receive the award.  You will not need to apply each year for these scholarships. For USM Foundation scholarships, you will need to fill out a new application each year.  Those scholarships are not multi-year awards, and you are not guaranteed to receive the same foundation scholarships you did last year.  We encourage students to complete a new General Application in October.  This is the same time you should be completing the new FAFSA (Financial Aid Application).


Q: How can I save a copy of the application so that I can review the questions before I enter them into the actual application?

A: Log in to the GO System with your SOAR ID and password. Print the page where you’ll start the application as a .pdf by using “CTRL + P” and selecting your printing destination as “Save as a .pdf.” This way, you’ll have a copy of the application and can preview the questions.

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