Research in Chemistry--Biochemistry

The Biochemistry Division is geared toward elucidating selected chemical processes in living organisms. The labs pursue protein structure/function studies that will aid the elucidation of catalytic mechanisms of enzymes involved in neuropeptide, DNA and protein metabolism, and carbon dioxide fixation. More applied areas of research include use of RNA as a therapeutic agent and the development of various bioanalytical tools for clinical, industrial, and homeland security applications.

Diverse in scope, yet complementary, the expertise of the biochemistry faculty offers students exposure to a broad range of scientific approaches, which is further enriched by numerous multidisciplinary projects with groups in other departments.

Faculty involved in this research:

 photograph of Dr. Faqing Huangphotograph of Dr. Sabine Heinhorst photograph of Dr. Gordon Cannon 
 Dr. Faqing Huang Dr. Sabine Heinhorst Dr. Gordon Cannon
 photograph of Dr. Vijay Rangachari  photograph of Dr. Anthony Bell 
 Dr. Vijay Rangachari Dr. Anthony Bell Dr. Philip D. Bates