Admissions and Applications

Graduate Admissions Requirements

The Marriage and Family Therapy Program integrates five criteria for the evaluation for admission to the program.  Criteria are considered collectively in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s strengths.

  1. GRE scores - verbal and analytical/writing components
  2. Grade Point Average (college transcripts)
  3. Three letters of reference that can speak to your ability to succeed in graduate school and to your emotional stability and maturity.
  4. A written essay that identifies your personal statement of goals, and
  5. A personal interview with the program director and the clinical faculty.

Students wishing to apply to the Marriage and Family Therapy program are encouraged to turn in their application at any time prior to February 15th for priority consideration however applications are accepted until program slots are filled. Interviews begin in March to select the students to be admitted to the program for the fall semester. Applications are done completely online and you may access graduate school admissions and applications through this link:


Admission Requirements into Clinical Component of the MFT Program

To begin practicum in the second semester, students must have successfully completed 12 semester hours of coursework, and been screened for admittance into the clinical practicum. Clinical readiness is assessed prior to a student having face-to-face client contact. This process includes:

  1. Pen and paper instrument designed to highlight the strengths and challenges of the student's personality in relation to the student's development as a helping professional
  2. Experiential activities and assignments that engage the student in self-analysis
  3. Faculty evaluation of student progress
  4. Faculty and student meet to develop goals for personal and professional growth. Evaluation of students will occur each semester by the faculty prior to moving to the next level of practicum.

Note: Because Mississippi law currently requires that licensed marriage and family therapists be of good moral character, any prospective student who has been convicted of a felony prior or subsequent to admission is required to immediately inform the MFT Program Director of this conviction in order to determine the best course of action.

Certain externship programs require clinical experiences. Clinical experiences generally require a criminal background check. A felony conviction may disqualify a student from the clinical experience, thereby making the student unable to complete the degree.

For additional information, contact Dr. Health Grames, MFT Program Director, 601.266.6434 or