Student accomplishments, activities, and awards


  • Elyse Garon, SPUR award winnerElyse Garon (Fall)

    Elyse won a SPUR award for her project, "Modeling the Diffusion of Heat Energy within Composites of Homogeneous Materials using the Uncertainty Principle."
  • Haley DozierHaley Dozier (Spring)

    Haley won a SPUR award for her project on Combinatorial Game Theory, in particular on a game called Ideal Nim, which is related to important problems in computational algebra.


  • Brandi Harbor, Lucas Award winnerBrandi Harbour (Summer)

    Brandi won a Lucas Award to support a summer research project on numerical integration over general 3-dimensional domains. This is important to the solution of partial differential equations that model phenomena within objects with complicated shapes.
  • Chasmine FlaxChasmine Flax (Summer)

    Chasmine participated in the Biostatistics Enrichment Summer Training Diversity Program at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The program was an 8 week program where underrepresented populations were introduced to biostatistics and work on a research project with a Columbia University faculty mentor. At the end of the program, each participant presented their research in a symposium.


  • Alex Cibotaricu

    Alex was the Mississippi Chess Association state champion. 


  • Lorrin Debenport (Spring)

    Lorrin presented her Honors Thesis research at the annual meeting of the LA/MS Section of the MAA.
  • Deanna Leggett (Spring)

    Deanna won first prize at the graduate student paper competition at the annual meeting of the LA/MS Section of the MAA. She had worked on Fraction-free computation of determinants.