Credit by Examination (AP, CLEP, IB)

The University of Southern Mississippi will allow students to earn credit by examination through Advanced Placement (AP) testing, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) examination.

Submit your AP, CLEP, or IB scores to Admissions for credit evaluation:

Mail | 118 College Drive, #5166, Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Fax | 601.266.5148

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

For AP scores earned 2005-forward: Unless otherwise noted, an Advanced Placement (AP) score of 3 will earn three (3) semester hours of credit. Students scoring a 4-5 on an AP exam typically are awarded six (6) semester hours of credit. Different policies exist for AP scores earned 2004 and prior; please contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

Listed below are the Advanced Placement (AP) examinations accepted by the university and the Southern Miss credits to be awarded.

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AP ExaminationsSouthern Miss Course EquivalentCredit
Art, DrawingART 101, 1023/6
*Biology (4-5)BSC 110, 110L; BSC 111, 111L8
ChemistryCHE 106, 106L; 107, 107L4/8
***Computer Science, ACSC Elec., CSC 1013
Computer Science, ABCSC Elec., CSC 1013/6
**Economics, MacroECO 2013
**Economics, MicroECO 2023
English Language or LiteratureENG 101, 1023/6
French Language or LiteratureFRE 101, 1023/6
GermanGER 101, 1023/6
**Gov’t. & Politics U.S. or Comp.PS 1013
History, American or U.S.HIS 201, 2023/6
History, EuropeanHIS 101, 1023/6
LatinLAT 101, 1023/6
Math, Calculus, AB or BCMAT 167, 1683/6
Spanish Language or LiteratureSPA 101, 1023/6
Physics B or CPHY 111, 111L, 112, 112L4/8
PsychologyPSY 1103

*Beginning in 1990, biology scores of 4-5 will receive eight (8) hours’ credit; scores of 1-3 will receive no credit.

**Scores of 3-5 will receive three (3) hours’ credit.

***Scores of 3-CSC Elec.; 4 or 5-CSC 101

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University of Southern Mississippi will allow credit by examination to those students who have participated in the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and have achieved a level acceptable to the university.   Different academic policies govern the application of CLEP credit for students who earned CLEP scores prior to June 2001.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

To find a CLEP test center near you, please visit the College Board website.       

Students can receive up to (but not more than) 30 semester hours through CLEP examination credit.

Below is a list of CLEP subject-area examinations that Southern Miss will consider:

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Subject Area ExaminationSouthern Miss Course EquivalentSemester Hours
American GovernmentPS 1013
*American History I and/or IIHIS 201, 2023/6
BiologyBSC 110, 110L4
Business Law, IntroductoryBA 2003
Calculus, with Elementary FunctionsMAT 167, MAT 1683/6
Chemistry, GeneralCHE 106, 106L; CHE 107, 107L8
College AlgebraMAT 1013
*Freshman EnglishENG 1013
**Foreign LanguagesAll languages3-12
Information Systems & Computer ApplicationsCSC 1003
Introductory Macro-economicsECO 2013
Introductory Micro-economicsECO 2023
Sociology, IntroductorySOC 1013
TrigonometryMAT 1033
Western Civilization I and/or IIHIS 101, 1023/6

*The essay is required for all English examinations. CLEP examinations in English can be, with required scores, substituted for ENG 101. The Department of English cannot accept CLEP examinations as substitutes for ENG 102. The appropriate academic department at Southern Miss will have final determination in the amount of credit to be awarded, based on the essay.

**Credit for all foreign languages will vary within a range score of 40-80 and may allow up to 12 semester hours’ credit.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Student receiving an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma may receive up to thirty (30) semester hours of credit for scores of 4 or better on both higher-level and standard-level examinations. Specific policies are determined by the academic unit for which the credit is awarded.

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IB Exam
Exam Score of 4
Exam Score of 5-7
Advanced MathMAT 167MAT 167/MAT 168
English A1ENG 101ENG 101/ENG 102
History of EuropeHIS 101HIS 101/HIS 102
History of AmericasHIS 201HIS 201/HIS 202
HistoryHIS 101HIS 101/HIS 102
Spanish BSPA 101SPA 101/SPA 102
PsychologyPSY 110PSY 110
FrenchFRE 101FRE 101/FRE 102
GermanGER 101GER 101/GER 102