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Changing Your Major

Changing your major or adding or dropping a minor can now be done online through your SOAR account!

Choose Your Major  Change Your Major  add or drop a minor 


Choosing the Right Major for YOU

Not sure what to major in? You're not alone, and there are a few options to help you find a major that you love and that will set you on the road to a rewarding career.

Green Box   Come to the Advisement Center!

Located in Cook Library behind Starbucks, the Advisement Center has counselors who can suggest majors you might enjoy based on your skills and interests, view your transcripts and help you build a degree plan, and give you general advice about matching your major to a career.

Blue Block  Exploratory Studies

If you're a freshman and don't know what to major in or don't think your declared major is right for you, Exploratory Studies is a great place to explore your options while you're completing your required core classes. Learn more.

Grey Block  Career Services

At Career Services, you can learn explore different career paths, take an assessment survey online that will link your interests a career, and talk to counselors about how different majors can put you on the path to success.

Gold Block  Talk to a Professor

If you're taking a class you really enjoy, talk to the professor during their office hours. They can tell you more about the major and possible career paths, and can direct you to a faculty advisor who can walk you through the degree plan.


Changing Your Major

Follow these steps to change your major online through your SOAR account.

1.  Log in to SOAR and visit your Student Center.

2.  Select CHANGE OF MAJOR from the drop-down menu.

Choose Change of Major

3.  If you’ve previously discussed this change with an academic advisor in the desired major before proceeding with this request, click the CHANGE MAJOR button.

4.  Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS to search for the appropriate major plan code.

Academic Plan

5.  Click on the SEARCH CRITERIA link to extend your search.

Search Criteria

6.  In the DESCRIPTION box, type the first 3-4 letters of what your major begins with.

a.  EXAMPLE 1: Biological Sciences BS = bio

Description of Major

b.  EXAMPLE 2: Management BSBA = man

c.  EXAMPLE 3: Interdisciplinary Studies = int


7.  Once you’ve selected an academic plan (major), click the SUBMIT button and acknowledge that you understand you can only make one request per semester by clicking the DONE button.

Done and Submit

8.  After submission, SOAR will automatically navigate you back to your Student Center.

9.  You will receive a confirmation email stating that your change of major request has been submitted. Allow the academic department 10 business days to review and process your request. If you have not received a follow-up email after 10 business days, please contact the department of your intended major.


Adding or Dropping a Minor 

1.  Add or drop a minor by logging into SOAR and choosing Change of Major from the drop down menu. You will see a link for adding/dropping a minor.  

Change of Major Screenshot 1


2. Click the link and you will be directed to an online form which will allow you to add or drop a minor.

Image of the MachForm for adding/dropping a minor.

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