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Association Office Professionals

2014-2015 Webinar Series

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Want 24/7 access to training on Excel for a low cost? 
Look no further than the AOP Professional Excel Recorded Training (PERT).

6 PSP Credit Hours




1 webinar $15

3 webinars for $20

4 webinar series for $25


$25 per webinar series or package of 4 for $90



  • Understand the meaning
  • Review the definition of privacy
  • Determine how to distinguish between both 
  • Assess situations where confidentiality applies

Coping with Upset and Angry Parents

  • Understand the impact on time management
  • Empathy as a means of dissipating anger
  • Learn how to dissipate anger using emotional hijacking  
  • Review the dynamics of creating effective discussions with parents

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

  • Learn quick ways to access applications including Word
  • Review quick resizing methods
  • Perform keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity
  • Use smart art to enhance the visibility of names/items
  • Finding the ribbon when its minimized
  • How to customize the quick access toolbar
  • Creating a new customized tab

Effective Business Writing I

  • Using letter styles effectively
  • Learn how to write clear and effective business letters
  • Avoiding the use of passive voice
  • Reference grammatical tools online
  • Prevent the use of one of the 600 mostly commonly confused words (affect, effect; its, it’s, their, there and they’re; fewer or less, etc.)
  • Effectively use acronyms
  • Time Management Webinar
  • Identify common tasks that waste time
  • Learn about the need to be reflective in order to manage time effectively
  • Understand the role of others in wasting time
  • Determine how to proactively address time draining requests

Evolving Function of EO

  • Understand the impact of tighter budgets on Educational Office Professionals
  • Determine how to work smarter in an increasingly task filled environment
  • Identify ways to use technology, organization and relationships 
  • Use authority questions to determine how to manage up

MS Word Tips

  • Creating your own shortcuts using auto correct
  • Fractional line spacing
  • Adjusting font spacing
  • Highlighting a field of text
  • Auto date
  • Reveal hidden characters
  • Remove formatting
  • Creating native and excel tables in word
  • Sorting
  • Creating bullet and numbered lists
  • Styles
  • Smart art, and
  • Customizing the quick access toolbar.





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