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2017-2018 Webinar Series

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Want 24/7 access to training on Excel for a low cost? 
Look no further than the AOP Professional Excel Recorded Training (PERT).

6 PSP Credit Hours



1 webinar $15

3 webinars for $20

4 webinar series for $25


$25 per webinar series or package of 4 for $90



Essential Math Skills for the Educational Office Professional 

Leveraging the power of tools like Excel requires an understanding of the underlying computational formulas. In this session, we will learn how to solve problems involving percentages; percentage change that is commonly seen in reporting. We will also look at proportions and basic statistical functions.

Negotiation Skills 101 

Sometimes you get lucky and everyone agrees on the objectives and the approach, but more often people have differences. Effectiveness both in the workplace and in life requires that we work together to work on a mutually agreed upon solution. This requires a problem-solving approach that focuses on reaching common ground. This session will look at a few models for effective negotiation and conflict resolution.

Goal Setting and Smart Goals 

This session will explore the characters of smart goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. You will learn how to identify appropriate goals for you or your team and to track their progress to achieve them.

Excel for Analyzing Data: Using Pivot Tables & Vlookup 

This session will explore two of the most powerful features of Excel. First is Pivot Tables. You can use them to analyze large sets of data and easily obtain answers to what if questions and generate reports based upon criteria in your data. Templates will include a practical application for an educational setting. The Vlookup function is another powerful tool for accessing data from a large data set. We will explore its use in both financial and none financial educational office applications.

Excel for Analysis: Data Validation Made Easy 

In last year’s Excel tips and tricks sessions, we briefly explored data validation as a tool for creating dropdown menus. This session will delve more deeply into the use of validation to avoid error by restricting the allowable data cell both in spreadsheets that you use yourself but also ones you create for other people. This will also include creating customize error messages. Additionally, we will explore ways to use Data Validation along with Vlookup to create safety checklists, employee evaluations, and other data input forms that can be ported to tablets and other mobile devices. 

Effective Business Writing 

Look at ways to communicate clearly, concisely, and with impact. Conventions and common grammatical mistakes will also be explored. The session will also explore how to create your own professional look for your department.





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