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Professional Standards Program Curriculum Core

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The Basic through Advanced III certificate levels can be completed by choosing from the following USM courses:


MAT 101 College Algebra 
MAT 102 Finite Mathematics and Introduction to Calculus 


ACC 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting 
ACC 300 Managerial Accounting 
BTE 101 Keyboarding for Information Processing 
BTE 102 Intermediate Typing and Word Processing 
BTE 200 Introduction to Business English 
BTE 201 College Notetaking 
BTE 202 Advanced Notetaking 
BTE 310 Advanced Word Processing 
BTE 461 Information Processing I 
BTE 463 Information Processing II 
BTE 467/TOE 467 Desktop Publishing 
BTE 469/TOE 469 Multimedia Presentations 
BTE 480 Business Communication 
BTE 485 Administrative Office Management Procedures 
ECO 201 Principles of Economics I 
ECO 330 Money and Public Policy 
FIN 320 Personal Financial Planning 
MKT 300 Principles of Marketing 
MKT 365 Consumer Behavior


BA 100 Introduction to Business 
MGT 300 Management for Organizations 
MGT 364 Human Resource Management 
MGT 454 Organizational Behavior 
MGT 468 Compensation Administration


SCM 111 Oral Communication 
SCM 303 Argumentation and Debate 
SCM 305 Interpersonal Communication 
SCM 311 Persuasion 
SCM 312 Interviewing Principles and Applications 
SCM 320 Business and Professional Speaking 
SCM 330 Small Group Communication 
SCM 350 Nonverbal Communication 
SCM 403 Political Communication 
SCM 405 Relational Communication 
SCM 410 Organizational Communication I: Theory and Process 
SCM 420 Organizational Communication II: Assessment and Training 
SCM 425 Communication and Conflict Resolution 
SCM 430 Communication and Small Group Decision-Making 
SCM 475 Gender Issues in Speech Communication 
JOU 240 Visual Communication 
JOU 421 Public Relations 
JOU 422 Public Relations Writing and Publication Design 
JOU 428 Public Relations Campaigns 
LIS 301 Introduction to Library Resources and Usage 
LIS 401 Introduction to Reference Resources and Services


CSC 100 Introduction to Computing 
CSS 404 Internet Concepts 
MIS 201 Introduction to Business Computer Concepts 
MIS 202 Introduction to Business Spreadsheets 
MIS 300 Management Information Systems 
MIS 320 Advanced Microcomputer Application 
MIS 401 Database Management Systems 
MIS 406 Data Communications


AA 100 Introduction to the Arts 
ANT 221 Cultural Anthropology 
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 426 Sociology of Education 
HIS 341 Mississippi History 
HIS 444 Women in American Society 
HIS 458 Our Times 
PHI 151 Introduction to Philosophy 
PHI 253 Logic 
PHI 356 Ethics 
CJ 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice 
WS 301 Introduction to Women's Studies


CHS 101 Personal Wellness 
CHS 321 Community Health 
CHS 341 Safety 
CHS 414 Consumer Health 
CHS 422 Drugs and the Whole Person 
CHS 436 Stress Management Techniques 
HPR 309 First Aid 
HPR 311 Emergency Health Care


ENG 101 Writing One 
ENG 102 Writing Two 
ENG 203 World Literature 
ENG 300 Vocabulary Development 
ENG 301 Traditional Grammar 
ENG 333 Technical Writing


ESC 301 Living in the Environment


PSY 101 Foundations of Personal Development 
PSY 110 General Psychology 
PSY 231 Psychology of Personal Adjustment 
PSY 375 Developmental Psychology 
PSY 435 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Intervention 
PSY 450 Social Psychology 
PSY 455 Psychology of Personality 
FAM 150 Social and Professional Development 
FAM 151 Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships 
HEE 404 Consumer Economics 
GS 101 University Success Skills

The following one-hour courses may be combined to meet the two-hour minimum course requirement. 

HPR 105 Concepts in Physical Fitness 
PSY 301 Introduction to Job Seeking 
NFS 167 Nutrition for Living 
FMA 220 Professional Image and Dress

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