Biological Sciences Learning Center

bsc studentToday is an exciting time to learn about biology. You cannot scan a newspaper or magazine without reading about new developments tied directly to the life sciences.  

Over the last half-century, we have witnessed unprecedented breakthroughs in genetics, cellular biology, and neuroscience, as well as advances in understanding the environment around us.

A whole industry has grown out of research in molecular biology; the results are readily apparent in fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, animal breeding, and human nutrition, to name only a few. Consequently, public understanding of biology is critical to responsible decision-making in our society, both public and private. 

The Biological Sciences Learning Center (BSLC) at Southern Miss is focused on expanding our appreciation for biology and its impact on our lives. 

The BSLC serves as

1. an undergraduate biology laboratory,

2. an opportunity for children to experience biology trails, 

3. home to science camps,

4. a teacher training facility, and 

5. a chance for anyone else to broaden their biological knowledge. 

The BSLC is housed in the Frazier Museum of Natural Science and is concentrated on providing unique, modern, hands-on learning experiences for individuals of all ages. 

These experiences are rooted in the informational and interactive displays and exhibits in the BSLC.

We have a wide variety of exhibits, including a display depicting "Bacterial Cell Growth," a live animal exhibit, a saltwater aquarium, "Seeing through Touch," and many more.

There are always new projects and improvements taking place so the community's awareness can expand with us. 

Map to the Biological Sciences Learning Center

The BSLC is located in Mississippi Hall 005B.