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School of Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences

School of Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences

Life on a Changing Planet

The School of Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences broadly studies the physical processes that shape the earth and all living organisms, from cells to ecosystems, and the interactions between humans and the environment. Faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research aimed at understanding how humans shape and interact with the environment including medical and healthcare applications. We leverage cross-disciplinary collaborations to study a dynamic and changing planet, while preparing students for careers in medicine, healthcare, biotechnology, environmental analysis, land use, natural resource management, sustainable development and planning, and basic research in biology, biomedical sciences, geology and geography.

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Our Programs

Fifty faculty members teach challenging undergraduate and graduate curricula and hands-on laboratory and field experience in all areas of biology, geology, geography and medical laboratory sciences.



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School of Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences

103 Bobby Chain Technology Center (TEC) 
118 College Dr. #5018
Hattiesburg, MS 39406


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Our Research

$5million+ per year in external funding
80+graduate students in MS and PhD programs
50+graduate students present or published research in 2018

Faculty in our school are leaders in their disciplines and are engaged in research in a variety of areas. Research in our school increases our understanding of fundamental biological, medical, environmental and human phenomena and provide hands-on experience and training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.