Cynthia Littlejohn


Teaching Interests

BSC 107 Human Biology

BSC 110 Introductory Biology I

BSC 380 General Microbiology

BSC 381 Microorganisms in Health and Disease

BSC 380L General Microbiology Laboratory

BSC 381L Microorganisms in Health and Disease Laboratory

Research Interests

I teach microbiology and introductory biology courses as well as coordinate the microbiology laboratories. It is my philosophy that learning should not be a passive activity. Promoting an active learning classroom keeps students attentive, focused, and interested. While learning is the student's primary responsibility, motivating students to learn is a crucial role played by the instructor. Teaching science is often referred to as teaching thinking. One of my personal goals as an educator is to encourage independent thinking and analytical reasoning. I actively discourage simple memorization of facts in favor of a concept based approach. I find students gain a more comprehensive understanding of concepts when they can visualize a practical application. I maintain high standards for all my students and strive to help them meet both my standards for the course and the goals they set for themselves all the while fostering "scientific literacy".
My areas of research interest include environmental science, stress physiology, microbial ecology and science education.