Emily S. Clark

Academic Advisement Coordinator

Teaching Interests

BSC 103 Biology and Society

BSC 110 Principles of Biological Sciences I

BSC 370 Genetics

Academic Advising

I serve as the undergraduate advisor to freshman and sophomore students within the Department of Biological Sciences. My role is to help students develop a plan of study and ensure that they are progressing successfully towards the completion of their degrees.  I also aim to help students discover what they can ultimately do with their degrees, with respect to career options and post-graduate opportunities, and ensure that they gain the types of hands-on experiences that will make them completive candidates.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the potential of wild populations to adapt to biotic and abiotic environmental stressors. My doctoral work focused on elucidating the amount of heritable variation present in a variety of fitness traits in wild salmonid populations in Switzerland, and examining how different stressors (e.g. pathogens, metal pollutants) affected this variation. 

Representative Publications

Clark E.S., Pompini, M., Uppal, A., Wedekind, C., 2016. Genetic correlations and little genetic variance for reaction norms may limit potential for adaptation to pollution by ionic and nanoparticulate silver in a whitefish (Salmonidae). Ecology and Evolution. 6: 2751-2762.

Wilkins, L.G.E., Clark, E.S., Farinelli, L., Wedekind, C., Fumagalli, L. 2015. Embryonic gene expression of Coregonus palaea (whitefish) under pathogen stress as analyzed by high-throughput RNA-sequencing. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 47: 130-140.

Clark E.S., Pompini, M., Marques da Cunha, L., Wedekind, C. 2014. Maternal and paternal contributions to pathogen resistance dependent on development stage in a whitefish (Salmonidae).  Functional Ecology 28: 714–723.

Clark E.S., Wilkins, L.G.E., Wedekind, C. 2013. MHC class I expression dependent on bacterial infection and parental factors in whitefish embryos (Salmonidae). Molecular Ecology 22:5256-5269.

Clark E.S., Stelkens, R.B., Wedekind, C. 2013. Parental influences on pathogen resistance in brown trout embryos and effects of outcrossing within a river network. PLoS ONE 8: e57832. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057832

Pompini M., Clark, E.S., Wedekind, C. 2013. Pathogen-induced hatching and population-specific life-history response to water-borne cues in brown trout (Salmo trutta). Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67: 649-656