Nicole M. Phillips

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests

BSC 445/L Marine Biology

BSC 439/L Marine Ecology

Coastal and Marine Conservation 

Research Interests

My research uses molecular approaches to answer questions that are relevant to the conservation and management of endangered, protected, or exploited marine vertebrates. I am interested in the genetic composition of populations over space and time, with research into historic and contemporary levels of genetic diversity, population structure, demographic history and the impact of landscape features on marine populations. While most of the projects in my lab focus on sharks and rays, I also have experience working with marine and freshwater fishes, marine invertebrates, and cetaceans. Current research includes conservation genetics of sawfishes, population structure of cownose rays, and using environmental DNA as a tool to survey and assess habitat use in marine vertebrates. 

Selected Representative Publications

Larson, S., Daly-Engel, T.S. & Phillips, N.M. 2017. Review of current genetic analysis of Northeast Pacific shark and conservation implications. In: Northeast Pacific Shark Biology, Research and Conservation. Advances in Marine Biology 77:79-110.

Phillips, N.M., Fearing, A.M. & Morgan, D.L. 2017. Genetic bottlenecks in Pristis sawfishes in northern Australian waters Endangered Species Research 32:363-372.

Phillips, N.M., Chaplin, J.A., Peverell, S.C. & Morgan, D.L. 2017. Contrasting population structures of three Pristis sawfishes with different patterns of habitat use. Marine and Freshwater Research 68:452-460.

Phillips, N.M. & Rosel, P.E. 2014. A method for prioritizing research on common bottlenose dolphin stocks through evaluation of threats and data availability: development and application to bay, sound and estuary stocks in Texas. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-SEFSC-665, 146 p.

Kyne, P.M., Simpfendorfer, C.A., D'Anastasi, B.R. & Phillips, N.M. 2014. Regional status review: Australia. In: L. R. Harrison & N. K. Dulvy (Eds.), Sawfish: a global strategy for conservation. International Union for the Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission's Shark Specialist Group.

Whitty, J., Phillips, N., Morgan, D., Peverell, S., McAuley, R., Field, I., Thorburn, D. & Simpfendorfer, C. 2014. Utility of rostra for the identification of Australian sawfishes. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 24:791-804.

Gardner, M.J., Cottingham, A., Hesp, S.A., Chaplin, J.A., Jenkins, G.I., Phillips, N.M. & Potter, I.C. 2013. Comparisons of the biological and genetic characteristics of restocked and wild individuals of a sparid (Acanthopagrus butcheri) in an estuary. Reviews in Fisheries Science 21: 441-453.

Phillips, N.M., Chaplin, J.A., Morgan, D.L. & Peverell, S.C. 2011. Population genetic structure and genetic diversity of three critically endangered Pristis sawfishes in Australian Waters. Marine Biology 158(4): 903-915.

Morgan, D.L., Whitty, J.M., Phillips, N.M., Thorburn, D.C., Chaplin, J.A. & McAuley, R. 2011. North-western Australia as a hotspot for endangered elasmobranchs with particular reference to sawfishes and the Northern River Shark. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia 94: 345-358.

Phillips, N., Chaplin, J., Morgan, D. & Peverell, S. 2009. Extraction and amplification of DNA from the dried rostra of sawfishes (Pristidae) for applications in conservation genetics. Pacific Conservation Biology 15(2): 128-134.