Fred G. Howell

Professor Emeritus

Teaching Interests

BSC 411/L/511/L Introduction to Entomology

BSC 413/L/513/L Arachnida Biology

BSC 111 Principles of Biological Sciences II 

Research Interests

My research interests have traditionally focused on sampling design, analysis, and interpretation of ecosystem studies, influence of external stimuli on the behavior and ecology of arthropods, and environmental assessments using aquatic macroinvertebrates as the target community. For the past five years or so, my graduate students and I have been investigating the use of EPA bioassessment protocols and methodologies as tools to characterize relative health of lotic systems.

My externally funded research efforts during the past 10 years have included a diversity of projects, ranging from environmental toxicology to routine environmental assessments to construction of computer simulation models. Funding agencies have included Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Mississippi Military Department, United States Corps of Engineers, and Georgia-Pacific Corporation. 

Completed and ongoing graduate research projects, which I have directed during the past five years, include characterizations of macroinvertebrate communities in headwater streams of Mississippi Army National Guard training sites. Other projects have focused on mayflies or other aquatic insect groups associated with these streams in south Mississippi. Graduate student thesis research projects of the recent past include works on the effects of elevated chloride concentrations on mayfly survival, the association of river discharge and temperature on the emergence patterns of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddisflies, observations on the occurrence and biology of solitary wasps in southern Mississippi, use of constructed wetlands to treat pulp mill effluent, impact of pulp mill effluent on river habitats, and distribution and abundance of congeners of dioxin and furan in southern Mississippi. 

Graduates of this laboratory have been placed with state agencies such as the Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, Miss., Office of Pollution Control, and Department of Public Health. Others have been employed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, private industry, or have joined faculties at other universities. 

Current Graduate Students 

Representative Publications

F. G. Howell, J. B. Gentry, and M. H. Smith, Eds. 1974. Mineral Cycling in Southeastern Ecosystems. Technical Information Center, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia.

Howell, F.G., K.S. Akbay, J.W. Wooten. "A Computer Simulation Model of Water hyacinth and Weevil Interactions." Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 29 (1991): 15-20.

Howell, Fred G. 2001. Aquatic Biomonitoring: An Integrated Part of Mississippi Military Department's Environmental Program. The Bridge, 14: 16-18

Howell, Fred G. 2002. Assessing Biodiversity in Training Site Streams. The Bridge, 17: 20-21.