George F. Pessoney

Professor Emeritus

Teaching Interests

BSC 103 Biological Sciences

BSC 427/L/527/L Introduction to Phycology

Research Interests

Our research focuses on algae and their role in managed aquatic systems. The understanding and control of algal diversity in aquatic systems is a central focus of most projects in the laboratory. Culture identification and physiology of fresh- and brackish-water algae are a continual part of the laboratory procedures. Unialgal and axenic cultures are isolated and maintained for taxonomic investigations. Currently we are working on the development of a selective algicide for the aquaculture industry. The development of this product, Solricin 135, is the result of a long-term experiment to identify and bioassay allelopathic compounds from aquatic plants. Our lab works jointly with colleagues from USM's Department of Chemistry, the Bureau of Marine Resources and the Delta Branch Experiment Station. The sharing of instrumentation, financial and human resources expands our research capabilities. The laboratory furnishes partial support for graduate and undergraduate students and has assisted 10 doctoral and over 20 master's students in completing degrees. 

Current Graduate Students

Representative Publications

Van Aller, R. T., G. F. Pessoney, V. A. Rogers, E. J. Watkins, & H. G. Leggett. 1985. Oxygenated fatty acids: a class of allelochemicals from aquatic plants. In: The Chemistry of Allelopathy Biochemical Interactions Among Plants. A. C. Thompson, ed. American Chemical Society. Pp. 387-400. 

Van Aller, R. T., L. R. Clark, G. F. Pessoney, & V. A. Rogers. 1983. A prostaglandin-like fatty acid from a species in the Cyperaceae. Lipids 18: 617-622. 

Housley, H. L., R. W. Scheetz, & G. F. Pessoney. 1975. Filament formation in the diatom Skeletonema costatum. Protoplasma 86: 363-369.