Kevin A. Kuehn


Teaching Interests

Principles of Biological Sciences I
Introductory Ecology
Microbial Ecology
Introductory Mycology
Wetland Ecosystems
Ecosystem Ecology


Research Interests

Through my research I seek to expand our knowledge of organic matter processing and biogeochemical cycles in ecosystems. I am particularly interested in the role of fungal organisms in these processes. Despite the wealth of qualitative evidence indicating fungal colonization of plant detritus, very little research has examined the quantitative impacts of fungal organisms on biogeochemical cycles at the ecosystem scale, or their potential contribution to total ecosystem metabolism. The main area of my research focuses on fungal-mediated detrital processes in freshwater and estuarine ecosystems, specifically emergent marshes. However, over the years my interests have expanded to include a variety of research questions ranging from microbial interactions in ecosystems to other potential impacts (e.g., oil spills, invasive species) on fungal-mediated detrital processes.


Recent Publications

Kuehn, K.A. and M.O. Gessner. (2018) Determining litter mass loss by the plant tagging approach. Pages xx-xx in M.A.S. Graça, F. Bärlocher and M.O. Gessner (eds.), Methods to Study Litter Decomposition: A Practical Guide, 2nd edition. Springer, Berlin, Germany (in press).

Gulis, V., R. Su, and K.A. Kuehn. (2018) Fungal decomposers in freshwater environments. Pages xx-xx in C.J. Hurst (ed.), Advances in Environmental Microbiology Series, Vol 5. Springer, Berlin, Germany (in press).

Stuart, J.M., R. Anderson, P. Lazzarino, K.A. Kuehn and O.R. Harvey. (2018) Physical processes dictate early biogeochemical dynamics of soil pyrogenic organic matter in a subtropical Forest ecosystem. Frontiers in Earth Science (Biogeoscience) 6:52, doi: 10.3389/feart.2018.00052

Gulis,V., K.A. Kuehn, L.N. Schoettle, D. Leach, J.P. Benstead and A.D. Rosemond. (2017) Nutrient stoichiometry and homeostasis of aquatic litter-associated fungi in response to dissolved inorganic nutrient supply. ISME Journal 11:2729-2739

Harvey, O.R., A.N. Myers-Pigg, L. Kuo, B.P. Singh, K.A. Kuehn, and P. Louchouarn. (2016) Discrimination in degradability of soil pyrogenic organic matter follows a return on-energy-investment principle. Environmental Science and Technology 50:8578-8585.

Hendricks, J.J., R.J. Mitchell, K.A. Kuehn and S.D. Pecot. (2016) Ectomycorrhizal extrametrical mycelia turnover in a Longleaf Pine forest. New Phytologist 209:1693-1704.

Kuehn, K.A. (2016) Lentic and lotic habitats as templets for fungal communities: traits, adaptations, and their significance to litter decomposition within freshwater ecosystems. Fungal Ecology 19:135-154.