Marine Biology

B.S. in Marine Biology 

The undergraduate marine biology curriculum emphasizes a strong foundation in the hard sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) and in mathematics during the freshman and sophomore years. Many elective marine biology courses, typically taken during the junior and senior years, focus on biological aspects of the coastal plain environments, estuaries, and barrier islands of Mississippi. These learning experiences are enhanced by field studies of living organisms in their natural habitats. Other elective courses in the marine biology program stress practical experience with laboratory techniques.

The Department of Biological Sciences has an active program in undergraduate research and all undergraduate marine biology and biological sciences majors are encouraged to participate. Research projects, for which student receive academic credit, are carried out under the direction of BSC faculty members.

Our graduates are well qualified for entry-level (technician) positions in many areas of biological science, not just marine biology. They are also well prepared to pursue advanced degrees or to enter professional programs.

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