Melissa Gutierrez


Teaching Interests

BSC 103 Biology and Society

BSC 110 Principles of Biological Sciences I

BSC 111 Principles of Biological Sciences II

Lab Coordinator:

BSC 107L Human Biology Lab

BSC 250L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab

BSC 251L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab


Research Interests

My main focus of research is the study of reproductive behavior in Fundulus olivaceus, the blackspotted topminnow, focusing on those behaviors that may influence reproduction isolation from sister species. For my Master’s research, I addressed the question of whether or not female mate choice was associated with male spot count and body size. I plan to continue research in this area focusing on characterizing the genetic relationship of these possibly sexually selected traits. I am also currently pursuing my doctorate in Science and Math Education, working to develop collaborative learning exercises that will take place inside and outside of the classroom.