Raymond W. Scheetz

Professor Emeritus

Teaching Interests

BSC 110 Principles of Biological Sciences I

BSC 360 Cellular Physiology

BSC 460/560 Pharmacology

Research Interests

The production of computer animations and digitized video for classroom instruction of freshman biology and cell physiology is an ongoing interest. 

Representative Publications

Collins, S. P., R. K. Pope, R. W. Scheetz, R. I. Ray, P. A. Wagner, & B. J. Little. 1993. Advantages of environmental scanning electron microscopy in studies of microorganisms. Micros. Res. & Tech. 25:398-405. 

Little, B. J., P. A. Wagner, R. I. Ray, R. K. Pope, & R. W. Scheetz. 1991. Biofilms: an ESEM evaluation of artifacts introduced during SEM preparation. J. Indus. Micro. 8: 213-222. 

DuBois, S. E. & R. W. Scheetz. 1986. Localization of actin in spores and swarm cells of Myxomycetes. Trans. Am. Microsc. Society 105: 387-395.