Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities 
  • Gain first-hand research experience at the bench or in the field.
  • Earn Independent Study credit in Biological Sciences
  • Pursue thesis research toward graduation with Latin Honors
  • Possibly earn a stipend as a research assistant

Our faculty and graduate students are doing research that ranges widely across the life sciences from the identification of new therapeutic targets to combat staphylococcal infections to the use of weather surveillance radar to study bird migration, from the molecular proccesses responsible for the formation of new blood vessels to the nature of competitive interactions among stream fishes. 

You may search for available research opportunities through the College of Science and Technology Center for Undergraduate Research.

 Dr. Mohamed Elasri

Contact the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Janet Donaldson to discuss research possibilities and visit with faculty to share with them your enthusiasm for doing science.