Robert M. Turnbull


Teaching Interests

BSC 107/L - Human Biology

BSC 110/L - Principles of Biological Sciences I

BSC 111/L - Principles of Biological Sciences II

BSC 201/L - General Zoology

BSC 250/L - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BSC 251/L - Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BSC 340    - Introductory Ecology

BSC 407/L - Vertebrate Biology

BSC 455/L - Animal Behavior

Research Interests

Academically my interests are in predator-prey relationships and in particular alarm calling. My graduate research was on predator induced vocalizations in the eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis. The primary focus of the study was to document, analyze and explain the sequence of notes and note makeup of gray squirrel alarm calls as well as the documentation of related behaviors. While I am not required to do research in my current position, I do plan to continue research in this field as well as to include students in the study to give them a “hands on” experience in the field of behavioral ecology. 

In my position as instructor and lab coordinator for the Department of Biological Sciences at the Gulf Coast campus, my goal is to provide students with the most current and relevant core curriculum while using the most effective instructional methods. I have taken numerous graduate level courses in education and will continue to do so in order to stay up to date on the latest teaching techniques. These will certainly include the aforementioned participation in research as well as the use of the internet and related technologies to enhance the classroom and laboratory experience of the student.


* Gulf Coast Campus