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The Children's Center for Communication and Development


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The enrollment process at The Children's Center is based on a triage system, meaning the children with the most significant and urgents needs are prioritized for enrollment. The age range for enrollment is birth to 5 years. The Center maintains a waitlist for services, and an interdisciplinary team of specialists review the waitlist monthly. Children are enrolled if an open spot fits their needs, but not all children on the waitlist will be placed. 

Referrals for services are taken only through the waitlist form. To place a child on our waitlist, please click apply for services below. 

Apply for Services 


Priorities for Services

  • Children under the age of 3
  • Children with hearing loss
  • Children with genetic conditions with known developmental differences (e.g. Down syndrome)
  • Children born prematurely with co-existing conditions (e.g. brain bleed, heart condition, feeding difficulty, etc.)
  • Children with a neurological condition with known developmental differences (e.g. Cerebral Palsy, CVI)
  • Children with complex communication needs requiring assistive technology (e.g. Childhood Apraxia of Speech)